Feeling At Home In A Different Culture

Moving to a different country can be a dream as well as a nightmare depending on how well you’re able to adjust to the move. It’s not easy feeling at home in a different country with loneliness being one of the main causes of depression in a new country. Luckily there are several tips that can help you feel right at home abroad.

Feeling At Home In A New Culture

1. Go Out And Explore

The fastest way of getting over the feeling of being at a new place is getting out there and exploring it. If you have a smartphone you can use it to help guide you around while you familiarize yourself with the new location. You don’t even have to move too far away. Finding the closest convenience store, theatre, library and parks can make you feel more at home in your new environment.

2. Study The Culture

Another quick way of feeling at home in a new culture is to study the country you are moving to. Study the cultural aspects of the country you are moving to. Find out what is appropriate and what isn’t.

3. Join A Community

I’m sure there is already a community of people living in your adopted home that come from your homeland. Look them up online and join their group. It’s one of the quickest ways for people to feel welcome in a new country. It’s also an easy way to make friends in your new home and get to know more about the new location through them.

4. Volunteering

Signing up for a volunteering program can surely help you settle in a new place. While helping people in need will be good for your soul, volunteering will also get you in touch with the locals who you can make friends with.

5. Hobby Classes

If you enjoyed doing something back home, you’re sure to enjoy it here as well. Find hobby classes that you can join and see if there are like-minded people you can make friends with. Making friends in a new country is the start of the assimilating process in your new home.

6. Be Patient

While adapting to a new culture, things may seem difficult at first. You will have trouble adapting to them as they might have trouble adapting to your ways. It always pays to be patient and respectful of other peoples cultures. Once you get a have a slight idea of their mannerism and different local habits it’ll be easier for you to fit in. Don’t rush into anything as it is a fool’s errand.

7. Be At Home

The best thing you can do after your move is to believe you’re home. Once you’ve unpacked your belongings go about setting them just like you would back where you came from.

If the move needs to sink in you really need to accept the foreign country as your new home. It won’t be easy but it is necessary and it definitely helps you adapt quickly to the new culture.


At the end of the day, you do what you have to, to make yourself feel more comfortable. I’ve known a few people who walk into a bar and buy everyone a pint to introduce themselves. I’m not saying it works, but if you don’t have anything to lose and you’re looking to make some friends for a night, it won’t hurt.

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