7 Luxury Cruises You Can’t Miss

2. Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking has a fleet of smaller ships that provides them access to more exclusive ports than other lines. That’s luxurious on its own. But with Viking you will also get a lovely veranda with every cabin and high end experiences and amenities on board, such as wine tastings and musical performances. Viking puts its focus on cultural experiences, encouraging guests to learn about the history of each port of call. To that end, there is a complimentary excursion, including museum and architecture tours, available every place the ship sets anchor.

The cuisine is based on the locations you will be visiting, and there are eight different restaurants plus room service available to enjoy. You can even take a cooking class with the ship’s head chef. Along the way, have transformative experiences throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, and South America. Most Viking ocean voyages last between 8-93 days, but if you want to see the world, you can stay on for up to 245 days! The one thing you will not find on a Viking ocean cruise is programming for kids.