7 Affordable Cruises You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019

A cruise can be a fantastic all-inclusive vacation, with luxurious rooms, delicious cuisine, and more activities than you could possibly enjoy. Mixed in are stops at exotic and far-flung locations where you can explore new cultures and shop for conversation starting souvenirs.

However, cruises can be costly. Your fare typically only covers the room and basic meals. Alcohol is almost never covered, and drinks usually come with a mandatory gratuity charge. Some of the upscale restaurants will cost extra, and of course, the casinos, spas, and theaters all have extra charges, too. Wifi and port fees also boost your bill, and on some cruises, single passengers actually have to pay more!

But don’t worry – a cruise may still be affordable if you choose the right line. Following are seven affordable cruises that you definitely don’t want to miss in 2019. Stay with us to the end for tips on how to get the very best price on that cruise you’re coveting.

1. Viking Sea

Viking ocean cruises are relatively new on the scene since 2016. A spin off from their popular river cruises, Viking’s ocean vessels are relatively small and can access ports generally off-limits to cruise ships. With just 930 passengers, you get an intimate experience for not a lot of money.

Onboard amenities include a Nordic spa with snow grotto, an outdoor gym, a yoga area, a theater, and an infinity pool that provides the illusion of swimming in the ocean! When you get hungry, there is a huge range of dining experiences to choose from.

Where you can go: In 2018-19, choose a Viking Sea cruise to ports in Stockholm, London, Athens, Barcelona, and San Juan.