7 Revolutionary Inventions Your Home Must Have In 2019


Standing for spontaneous pop-up display, SPUD is a revolutionary foldable screen that can be used with computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is a high resolution, 24” display that collapses down to the size of a book. When unfolded, it is 4x larger than a computer screen and 23x larger than a smartphone display. Designed much like a foldable umbrella, the SPUD can be set up in seconds. It features wireless adapter support for Chromecast, Microsoft Wireless Adapter, Roku, and Amazon.

This lightweight product is easy to use and carry with you anywhere. It makes it a snap to share your smartphone screen with anyone in the house, add an auxiliary screen to the TV for the comfort of your guests, and increase comfort for the visually impaired. Made by the Arovia company, you can currently preorder you own SPUD from the second production run.