11 Most Isolated Places at the End of the Earth

In the course of human history, we have left our mark on every spot on earth. There is no place that you can go where no one has been before, and even the deepest darkest ocean and undiscovered underground caves feel the effects of human activity.

But that doesn’t mean that every place on earth is a breeze to find. There are numerous locations where people live but that require a difficult journey, and these places are often without regular access to the modern amenities found in the developed world.

The weather can be punishing in some, but others are little slices of sunny heaven.

All of the locations on our list have a permanent population, but the people number as low as 50 in some of them. Join us on a trip around the globe to explore these 11 remotest corners of the earth from the comfort of your couch. We are already planning a trip to #10!