11 Countries with BEST Healthcare

There are a lot of ways to quantify health care. And here’s a shocker. Not one of the ways manages to get the US into the top 10. In this, we’ll look at health care as ranked by the Legatum Institute.

They look at a country’s basic mental and physical health, health infrastructure, and the availability of preventative care in deciding how to measure best health care.

These are the top ten countries in the world that rank highly in all three of these measures.

You might be able to guess at a few, like number 5. Number 9 might surprise you because of where it is located. Numbers 10 and 11 might convince you to move!

1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is tiny but wealthy. The country’s average life expectancy is 82. Luxembourg’s Union of Sickness Funds guarantees that there is free, high-quality and subsidized health care for all citizen s and registered long-residents. Patients pay the medical fees initially but are reimbursed annually between 80% and 100%.

Vulnerable groups are not obligated to pay charges and students, children and unemployed people are cover up to age 27. Vision and dental are also covered, but some treatments must be pre-approved.