Top 11 Horrifying Cities You REALLY Don’t Want to Live In

Want to move? Here are eleven cities that you really don’t want to move to. Four are no-brainers especially if you watch the news.

The others were chosen based on economy, school system, low wages, low house prices, and high crime rates.  You’ll be surprised at what cities make the list and which ones got left off.

You might be surprised by number 11 because of its snowbird reputation. And numbers 6 and 9 probably won’t be on your bucket list. And if they are you might want to reconsider!

11. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee is the home of Elvis Presley’s mansion, Graceland. It was the heart of rock and roll, soul and blues. If you like music, there is a lot to see.

Since home prices are based on demand, the lower the prices, the less the demand. Memphis’ median home price is $93,700 and the unemployment rate is 11.3%, so paying for one of those low prices houses in difficult.

According to the FBI, the crime rate is the 9th highest in the US. Educationally, Memphis has the 76th highest high school dropout rate.